about the artist

Working across multiple media and amid a rich exploration of texture, a subtle eye for the placement of color dominates all of Andrea Rouda’s work.  That – and the tension between chaos and order – plays out in a duality of approach. Look inside each painting for the frenetic and unruly dance of the patterned and geometric, the misty and vague competing with the bold and literal.  


A graduate of New York University with a major in Fine Arts, Andrea began her career as a graphic designer specializing in newspaper design. She then moved on to illustration. Her colored pencil drawings caught the eye of a gallery owner in Washington DC, where the first of several solo gallery shows featured them.  She then moved to Salt Lake City with her husband and young son, where she opened a furniture refinishing studio and began using wood and acrylic paint as her primary tools.  Eventually she discovered the joy of working in oils, where the ability to rework the canvas over time became a critical touch point for her creativity. Her richly textured paintings reflect past, present and future thoughts in layers of paint. 


Andrea currently resides in Freeport, Maine with her husband Mitch and her Maine Coon cat, Big Lurch. She has opened (and closed) two art galleries there and now spends most of her time adding to her impressive body of work. Contact her for information regarding prices, which fluctuate like the tides.

Portait of the Artist, 16 x 20.jpg